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Niaive or Govian ?

I was cycling home this morning as the school children were setting off for our local secondary (High) school. It was raining and so cold that as well as my hi-vis (and very warm) jacket I had a wooley hat, my cycle helmet and gloves on.

Without exception every child I saw was wearing their smart new blazer, this former secondary modern school became an Academy last September, but not a winter coat or gloves were to be seen. Now it might just be fashion and not wanting to show weakness, but I saw boys and girls of every age from 11 to almost 17 and I wonder if there might be another, much more worrying problem going on here. Every family was forced, last summer, to buy a complete new school uniform with a very traditional grammar school look; blazer, skirt/trousers, black shoes, long white (or black) socks, blouse or shirt etc. Maybe, just maybe, in this not particularly wealthy neck of the woods where at least 1200 jobs have been lost in the last year alone, some parents, having had to fork out for the uniforms, simply could not afford thick winter coats this winter.

  1. Has Gove metamorphosed into Scrooge through his reforms?
  2. Does smartness now trump warmth?
  3. Are our kids actually safe in our current Con-Dem Government’s Education Reform world?

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3 Responses to “Niaive or Govian ?”

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  2. Invize Kids Says:

    At least you the appropriate gear on (hi viz). I don’t think its a case of fashion but more so the fact whatever they wear during the day they have to carry with them, ALL DAY LONG !

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