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  • A
    Andragogy: – as pedagoy but for adults!
    AICC – Aviation Industry Computer-Based-Training Committee: industry eLearning standard of reasonable quality
  • B
    blog: personal web logs
  • C
    C&IT: Communication and Information Technology – a common term for ICT in H.E.
  • D
  • E
    ELGG: is an open source social networking engine
    ePortfolio: a Portfolio supported or supplied by electronic means
  • F
    F.E.: Further Education – all post-16 education and training below level 5
    Frog: a proprietory Virtual Learning Environment in use within (among others) Basingstoke 14-19 Consortium and Wolverhampton Girls High School
    forum: e-mail discussions around specific topics (known as threads)
    formative assessment: refers to any process by which pupils are made aware of how they can make/have made progress
  • G
  • H
    H.E.: Higher Education – all post-19 education at Level 5 and above
  • I
    ICT: Information and Communications Technology – the most normal school and F.E. umbrella term for IT
  • J
    JISC: formerly the Joint Information Systems Committee, which supports UK post-16 and higher education and research by providing leadership in the use of ICT (Information and Communications Technology) in support of learning, teaching, research and administration. JISC is funded by all of the UK post-16 and higher education funding councils.
  • K
  • L
    learning object: a collection of content items, practice items, and assessment items that are combined based on a single learning objective (Robert J Beck (2009)
  • Levels(QCF): indicates the complexity or challenge of a qualification:
    • Examples (Further Education):

    • Entry level certificates
      Skills for Life at Entry level, Foundation Learning Tier pathways, Functional Skills at Entry level
    • Level 1 GCSEs graded D-G
      NVQs at level 1, Key Skills level 1, Skills for Life, Foundation Diploma
    • Level 2 GCSEs graded A*-C
      NVQs at level 2, Level 2 VQs, Key Skills level 2, Skills for Life, Higher Diploma
    • Level 3 AS/A levels
      Advanced Extension Awards , International Baccalaureate, Key Skills level 3, NVQs at level 3, Cambridge International Awards, BTEC National Diplomas and Certificates, Advanced and Progression Diploma
    • Examples (Higher Education) under Framework for H. E. (Maintained by the Quality Assurance Agency)

    • Level 4 NVQs at level 4
      Key Skills level 4, Certificates of higher education
      This was originally NQF Level 4*
    • Level 5 Higher national diplomas, Other higher diplomas, NVQs at level 4*, BTEC Professional Diplomas, Certificates and Awards, Diplomas of higher education and further education, foundation degrees and higher national diplomas and certificates
    • Level 6 BTEC Advanced Professional Diplomas, Certificates and Awards
      Bachelor degrees, graduate certificates and diplomas
    • Level 7 Postgraduate certificates and diplomas
      BTEC advanced professional awards, certificates and diplomas, Fellowships and fellowship diplomas, Diploma in Translation, NVQs at level 5*, Masters degrees, postgraduate certificates and diplomas
      This was originally NQF Level 5*
    • Level 8 Award, certificate and diploma in strategic direction, Doctorates
  • M
    Mahara: is an open source ePortfolio platform
    MLE Managed Learning EnvironmentVLE and an effective MIS with an educational establishment – very few examples if MLE yet exist
    MIS – Management Information System – a system that provides information needed to manage an organisation effectively
    Moodle: is an open source platform
  • N
  • O
  • P
    Pedagogy: the Science of Teaching (notably of schoolmaster with a hint of being pedantic)
    Platform: any form of hardware and software architecture framework that together allows software to run
    Portfolio: a method by which an individual is able to ‘evidence’ their learning progress over time
  • Q
    QCF: The Qualifications and Credit Framework is the new way of recognising achievement – through the award of credit for units and qualifications – across England, Wales and Northern Ireland
    Quiz: a method of testing which can involve both formative assessment and summative assessment
  • R
  • S
    SCORM – Sharable Content Object Reference Model: widely used industry eLearning standard of quality and interoperability
    summative assessment: the formal testing of what has been learned in order to produce marks or grades
    StudyWiz: a proprietary Virtual Learning Environment platform
  • T
    TechDis: Part of JISC which aims to be “the leading educational advisory service, working across the UK, in the fields of accessibility and inclusion.”
  • U
  • V
    VLE – Virtual Learning Environment a platform designed to support teaching and learning in an educational setting, as distinct from a Managed Learning Environment (MLE), where the focus is on management.
  • W
    wiki: collaborative writing tool
    WizKid: the local name for StudyWiz in all Hampshire Primary Schools
  • X
    Xerte: is a rapid eLearning development system designed and built by the University of Nottingham.
  • Y
  • Z

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